Friday, September 28, 2018

Walnut Guitar from Mando MO Strings

New from Mando Mo Strings:
Walnut guitar. Designed in the US, assembled in China, finished in Holyoke, MA.
This is what it sounds like:
Will ship anywhere in the US for FREE.
As always, you can set up a time to try out any of the Mando Mo products through me.

Mahogany guitar from Mando Mo Strings

New from Mando Mo Strings:
Mahogany guitar. Designed in the US, assembled in China, finished in Holyoke, MA.
This is what it sounds like:
Will ship anywhere in the US for FREE.
As always, you can set up a time to try out any of the Mando Mo products through me.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Private Lessons: What are they like?

Depending on your musical background, what instrument you want to learn (I teach violin, viola, mandolin, mandola, mandocello and guitar) and what style(s) of music you want to concentrate on, I will formulate a lesson plan tailored specifically for you.  I don't use the same books and materials for all of my students because everybody is different!

I like to get the introductions/interview part over in emails before the first lesson, so we can dive right into it when you get here.  The things I need to know about you are

  • what is your musical background (if any)
  • can you read music
  • do you understand key signatures, time signatures, scales, arpeggios, chords, basic music theory
  • what instrument you want to learn
  • what style or styles of music you want to concentrate on 
  • do you own an instrument or will you want to buy one or rent one from me
The 7 Church Modes
Depending on your answers, the first lesson could cover the basics of scale theory including intervals, modes, circle of fifths, basic reading and an introduction to the care of your instrument.  Assignments will include buying the books you will need and some basic plucking of strings (mandolin), bow exercises (violin).

Playing music together
Subsequent lessons will delve more deeply into scale and mode theory, circle of fifths, practice tips, first tunes.  As you improve, we will be able to learn more complicated tunes, I will determine what exercises you need to work on and give you lots more practice tips.

Depending on the amount of time you have to practice every day, the average learning curve for the violin is 3 - 10 years.  3 years before you can play competently with others and 10 years before you will be able to play with confidence and beauty.  The learning curve for the mandolin is 1-3 years.  1 year before you can play with others, and 3 before you an join a mandolin orchestra or group.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Thoughts on the Porter Phelps Concert

The Classical Group performed Bach and Mozart at the Porter Phelps Huntington Museum in Hadley MA on Sunday, September 23, 2018.  Attending were Josh Bell on mandolin, Will Melton on mandola, Joe Blumenthal on bass, Barbara Blumenthal on mandolin, Keith Higginson on mandolin, Nancy Kida on mandolin and yours truly (Adam Sweet) on mandolin and mandocello.

The Classical Group and Josh Bell
The performance was held in the "corn barn" a section between the main house and the side house which is usually quite nice in the spring and fall, but very cold on Sunday.  We were not prepared with sweaters as we should have been.  It was a chilly performance.

The Corn Barn - Porter Phelps Museum
Usually the barn is packed to the gills, but the turnout was miserable.  We had perhaps a half-dozen in attendance, and most of them were students and family.  The Daily Hampshire Gazette, which usually is on the ball when we give them plenty of notice, forgot to post our announcement and picture, and apparently ignored the same press release from the Museum.  Susan Lisk, the manager, mentioned several times how disappointing it is that they failed to follow through on the publicity we required to notify the usual audience.

Will Melton Introducing the Music
The performance itself was mediocre.  In all honesty, the best part of it was Will Melton's introduction at the beginning and before the Mozart.  The instruments were tinny and quiet.  People came in at the wrong places and weren't playing together.  Nobody was listening to each other either.  I've never been more horrified of a public performance than I was on Sunday.  Perhaps it was the cold.  Who knows.  I must put on my thinking cap and revisit my plan for this ensemble.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Mando Mo Strings
Mando Mo Strings is a company in Holyoke, MA that has developed a line of affordable musical instruments made with top quality materials and workmanship.  These instruments are on par or better than similar brands including carved top Mandolins by Eastman, flat top Mandolins by Big Muddy and Ukeleles by Mahalo.  Decisions were made to prioritize air-dried tone-wood (instead of the standard Chinese practice of using a kiln to dry the wood), solid or flamed maple, Triple A grade ebony or rosewood fittings, scalloped solid tailpieces, Brekke or MMS's patented solid ebony/bone bridges, adjustable truss rods, a variety of neck widths.  The instruments are designed in Holyoke, Massachusetts, constructed in China, and finished/set up in the US.

Al Bieulunis, the owner of Mando Mo Strings, doesn't have a place where people can come see the instruments as they are in his house and he's not set up to receive people properly.  To that end, as a favor to Al, you can set up a time with me to come see and play the instruments at my studio in Granby.  The best times are mornings M-F after 9am.  Please use the form on the sidebar to contact me and give me a few options so I can check my schedule.

I will also play the instruments for you online if you like.  Let me know if that works for you!

Irish Seisun Tune List - Updated

Celtic Master List
TypeCommon NameKeyDate Added
JigHide & Go SeekD5/24/2012
JigIrishman's Heart to the LadiesA5/24/2012
JigMorrison's JigE-5/24/2012
JigJohnny WilliamsD5/24/2012
JigPipe on the HobD5/24/2012
JigCalliope HouseD5/24/2012
JigCowboy's JigG5/24/2012
JigKesh JigG5/24/2012
JigRocky Rd to DublinD5/24/2012
JigKid on the Mountain5/24/2012
JigBundle & GoE-5/24/2012
JigMist on the MountainA-5/24/2012
JigGeorge Brabazon's First AirG5/24/2012
JigSwallowtail JigE-5/24/2012
JigTenpenny BitE-5/24/2012
JigSmash the WindowsD5/24/2012
JigHaste to the WeddingD5/24/2012
JigOff She GoesD5/24/2012
JigBanish MisfortuneD5/24/2012
JigLark In the MorningD5/24/2012
JigKilfenora JigD5/24/2012
JigBlarney PilgrimD5/24/2012
JigBanish MisfortuneD5/24/2012
JigAndy DeJarlisD5/24/2012
JigMrs McGheeD5/24/2012
JigAn Phis FhliuchD5/24/2012
JigRoad to LisdoonvarnaE-5/24/2012
JigGeese In the BogD5/24/2012
JigJig of SlursD5/24/2012
JigBryan O'Lynn'sD5/24/2012
JigTone Rowe'sD5/24/2012
JigLeg of the DuckD5/24/2012
JigLand's End10/20/2014
JigWheels of the World10/20/2014
JigFarewell to Whalley Range10/20/2014
JigLangstrom's Pony10/20/2014
JigLark in the Morning10/20/2014
JigFig for a Kiss.10/20/2014
JigShip in Full Sail10/20/2014
JigHeadwood Crossing10/20/2014
JigMatt Haye's.10/20/2014
JigMan in the Bog10/20/2014
JigPJ King's10/20/2014
JigOut on the Ocean10/20/2014
JigCliffs of Moher10/20/2014
JigFormer Wife.10/20/2014
JigPort Chuilin10/20/2014
JigWoods of Old Limerick10/20/2014
JigDarby Gallagher's.10/20/2014
JigWandering Minstrel10/20/2014
JigMrs O'Sullivan10/20/2014
JigVincent Campbell's10/20/2014
JigBattering Ram10/20/2014
JigApples in Winter10/20/2014
JigHumours of Ballymanus10/20/2014
JigPiper's Chair10/20/2014
JigBrid Harper's10/20/2014
JigHandsome Young Maiden10/20/2014
JigCoolea Jig10/20/2014
JigMug of Brown Ale10/20/2014
JigOld Lark in the Morning10/20/2014
ReelWhiskey Before BreakfastA5/24/2012
ReelRed Haired BoyA5/24/2012
ReelBlackberry BlossomG5/24/2012
ReelTemperance ReelG5/24/2012
ReelFlowers of EdinburghG5/24/2012
ReelWind That Shakes The BarleyA5/24/2012
ReelSwinging on a GateG5/24/2012
ReelOver The WaterfallD5/24/2012
ReelScotty O'NeillD5/24/2012
ReelScollay's ReelE-5/24/2012
ReelSt Anne's ReelA5/24/2012
ReelRights of ManE-5/24/2012
ReelAngus CampbellA5/24/2012
ReelMississippi SawyerG5/24/2012
ReelDrowsy MaggyE-5/24/2012
ReelThe Boys of Blue HillD5/24/2012
ReelLa BastringueD5/24/2012
ReelJulia Delaney/Evit GabrielleD5/24/2012
ReelThe Old CopperplateD5/24/2012
ReelMerry BlacksmithD5/24/2012
ReelStar of MunsterD5/24/2012
ReelSpey in the SpateD5/24/2012
ReelPaddy Taylor'sD5/24/2012
ReelJohn Stevenson'sD5/24/2012
ReelMusical PriestG5/24/2012
ReelPigeon on a GateG5/24/2012
ReelKillavil ReelE-5/24/2012
ReelReconciliation ReelA5/24/2012
ReelFox Hunter's ReelA5/24/2012
ReelMusic for a Found HarmoniumG5/24/2012
ReelDunmore LasesD5/24/2012
ReelMaid Behind the BarD5/24/2012
ReelCooley's ReelE-5/24/2012
ReelMaid I Ne'er ForgotD5/24/2012
ReelDinky's Reel5/24/2012
ReelThe Gravel Walk5/24/2012
ReelProvidence Reel5/24/2012
ReelMan of the House5/24/2012
ReelMonaghan Twig5/24/2012
ReelOld Time Wedding Reel5/24/2012
ReelThe High Drive5/24/2012
ReelDionne's Reel5/24/2012
ReelMouth of the Tobique5/24/2012
ReelLangstrom's Pony5/24/2012
ReelLeslie's March5/24/2012
ReelGreen Groves of Erin5/24/2012
ReelMacArthur Road5/24/2012
ReelStar of Munster5/24/2012
ReelDinny O'Brien's5/24/2012
ReelBunker Hill5/24/2012
ReelDr Gilbert 5/24/2012
ReelRoad to Errogie5/24/2012
ReelBrenda Stubbert5/24/2012
ReelJenny Dang the Weaver5/24/2012
ReelTamlin 5/24/2012
ReelDevil in the Strawstack5/24/2012
ReelFarewell to Tchernobyl5/24/2012
ReelLoch Lavan Castle5/24/2012
ReelDowd's Favorite5/24/2012
ReelHag's Purse5/24/2012
ReelDinny O'Brien's5/24/2012
ReelLis Carroll10/20/2014
ReelKiss me Kate10/20/2014
ReelPiper's Despair10/20/2014
ReelSpeed the Plough10/20/2014
ReelRepeal the Polltax10/20/2014
ReelJim O'Donaghue10/20/2014
ReelGalway Rambler10/20/2014
ReelChicago reel10/20/2014
ReelLady on the Island10/20/2014
ReelSligo Maid10/20/2014
ReelHumours of Catslefin.10/20/2014
ReelKillavil Fancy10/20/2014
ReelOld Pinch of Snuf10/20/2014
ReelWithin a Mile of Dublin.10/20/2014
ReelTie the Bonnet10/20/2014
ReelDermot Byrne's10/20/2014
ReelReel of Rio10/20/2014
ReelMad of Mount Cisco10/20/2014
ReelJohn Doherty's.10/20/2014
ReelTripping up the Stairs10/20/2014
ReelGravel Walk10/20/2014
ReelBoys of Malin Jackson's10/20/2014
ReelCup of Tea10/20/2014
ReelJolly Tinker.10/20/2014
ReelMcFadden's Handsome Daughter10/20/2014
ReelMullingar Races10/20/2014
ReelPigion on the Gate10/20/2014
ReelGreenfield of Rossbeigh.10/20/2014
ReelOrmond Sand10/20/2014
VocalMTA (G)G5/24/2012
VocalGeneral Guinness 5/24/2012
VocalMolly Malone (D)D5/24/2012
VocalDanny Boy (C)C5/24/2012
VocalAre Ye Sleepin Maggie5/24/2012
VocalFisherman's Blues (D)D5/24/2012
VocalNewry Highwayman (D)D5/24/2012
VocalEastern Light (G)G5/24/2012
VocalDirty old Town5/24/2012
VocalWhiskey In The Jar5/24/2012
VocalAll For the Grog5/24/2012
VocalAs I Roved Out (Am)Am5/24/2012
VocalBog Down in the Valley 5/24/2012
VocalCaledonia (D)D5/24/2012
VocalCrack 90 Isle of Man (D)D5/24/2012
VocalDicey Riley (D)D5/24/2012
VocalFerryman (G)G5/24/2012
VocalFinnegan's Wake (G)G5/24/2012
VocalGypsy Rover (G)G5/24/2012
VocalWild Rover (G)G5/24/2012
VocalFIddler's Green (D)D5/24/2012
VocalGreenland Fisheries (G)G5/24/2012
VocalGather Up The Pots (D)D5/24/2012
VocalI'll Tell Me Ma (D)D5/24/2012
VocalIrish Rover (G)G5/24/2012
VocalFields of Athenrye5/24/2012
VocalRoddy McCorley 5/24/2012
WaltzSidh Beag Sidh Mohr5/24/2012
WaltzStar of the County Down5/24/2012
WaltzArchibald McDonald of Keppoch5/24/2012
WaltzPlanxty Irwin5/24/2012
WaltzPlanxty Fanny Power5/24/2012
WaltzAshokan Farewell5/24/2012
WaltzEmily's Waltz5/24/2012
WaltzThe Lover's Waltz5/24/2012
WaltzAsh Grove5/24/2012
WaltzCarolan's Welcome5/24/2012
WaltzGive Me Your Hand5/24/2012
WaltzRosebud of Allanvale5/24/2012
WaltzWednesday Night Waltz5/24/2012
WaltzWestphalia Waltz5/24/2012
WaltzThe Country Waltz5/24/2012
Devil's DreamA5/24/2012
JimNewry Highwayman/Dr Gilbert's2/13/17
JimRoddy McCorly2/13/17
ClaudineMan From The Daily Mail/Swinging on a Gate2/13/17
ClaudineRed Crow/Road to Errogie/MacArthur Road2/13/17
ClaudineDowd's Favorite/Foggy Dew/Dowd's Fav2/13/17
JimFisherman's Blues/Star of Munster2/13/17
JimWild Rover2/13/17
JimShe Was the Prize2/13/17
ClaudineDo You Love an Apple2/13/17
ClaudineSweet Forget Me Not2/13/17
ClaudineStar of the County Down/Morrison's Jig2/13/17
JimDirty Old Town2/13/17
ClaudineGalway Girl/Boys of Mallin/Gravel Walk2/13/17
JimWhiskey In The Jar2/13/17
JimRattlin Boy2/13/17
JimGather Up The Pots2/13/17
JimCockles and Mussels2/13/17
ClaudineRose Tree2/13/17
ClaudineI'll Tell Me Ma/Wind That Shakes The Barley2/13/17
ClaudineFields of Athenry2/13/17
ClaudineFarewell to Nova Scotia/Julia Delayney2/13/17
ClaudineGalway Shawl2/13/17
ClaudineSunny Streams2/13/17
ReelThe Longford CollectorG
ReelSailor's BonnetD
ReelSailor on the RockD
ReelBig John McNeilA
JigHag At The ChurnAm
ReelDowd's FavoriteBflat
ReelThe Red CrowG

Les Poules huppées

CRESTED HENS, THE (Les Poules huppées). French, Bourrée à 3 temps (3/8 time). E Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). Composed in 1983 by French...