Skill Blocks

You may now purchase a mandolin or fiddle skill block for only $10! Skill Blocks are Videos created specifically to teach a skill. Each skill block is approximately 15 minutes. Once you purchase a skill block, you own it forever. You may share it or keep it to yourself. 

Here is a list of currently available skill blocks for mandolin or fiddle:

  • All scales, arpeggios, and chords - to order, enter X (where x is the key you want to learn, i.e. A)
  • How to play a typical bluegrass chord progression - to order, enter BCP
  • How to sing and play at the same time- to order, enter SP
  • How to improvise in any key - to order, enter IMP
  • Bluegrass licks, endings and fills - to order, enter BLEF
  • How to practice the 7 Church modes - to order, enter CHURCH
  • How to practice the Klezmer modes  - to order, enter KM
  • Introduction to Instruments: Mandolin, Mandola, Mandocello, Octave Mandolin/Irish Bouzouki, Tenor Banjo - to order, enter IM, IMA, IMC, IOM, ITB
  • How to use Irish/Celtic ornamentation on the mandolin/fiddle - to order, enter IO
  • Typical right hand ornamentation for fiddle/mandolin - to order, enter RO
We are working on additional Skill Block videos, so check back at this page to see what's new.  If you'd like to make a special request, please email us at  Thank you!

To order a specific skill block, enter the code for the item you wish to purchase (in CAPS above) in the field provided, then click the button to make your purchase with your credit/debit card.  Once we receive notification of payment, we will email you a link to download or view the Skill Block you purchased!

Mandolin Skill Block

Fiddle Skill Block

Sigile Ni Delainaig, or Siuban Ni Dublainge aka Glenloe or Reel de la sorciere - I know it as Julia Delayney

  Glenloe Abbey in Kent JULIA DELANEY [1] ("Sigile NĂ­ Delainaig" or "Siuban Ni Dublainge"). AKA and see "Glenloe,&q...